Tom and Sally with grandkidsTom Wideman has been a worship leader for over 30 years. He has served in small and large churches; urban and suburban churches; and traditional, liturgical and contemporary churches. He has taught on worship leadership, history and future trends at Missouri Baptist University. Even with over three decades of ministry under his belt, Tom will be the first to admit he still has much to learn. This blog serves as his platform for exploring new paradigms of faith and worship, as well as honing his writing skills. He can be reached at tom@spiritualsidekick.com.

Tom lives in Kansas City, MO with his wife, Sally.They love spending time with their kids and  spouses and three incredible grandchildren.


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  1. Tom, followed my nose to your blog via your facebook page. Wish I weren’t so technologically challenged and had a little more time to write. I’ve enjoyed your stuff and will continue to read.

    Don Parks

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