The Old Man

4173092-3x2-940x627His familiar eyes peered through creviced brow
Remembering days gone by when time crawled long into manhood
Boyhood charms long lost to obligations and paychecks
Unable to stop time hurtling toward an unfulfilled bucket list.

My old friend sits across the table lamenting youthful regret
Yet smiles at mistakes turned beautiful through the course of time
The grey hair thinly reveals age spots atop his wrinkled head
Inhabited by a foggy memory of folk songs sung around the campfires of his youth

The ghost of his beautiful muse invades his thoughts as he remembers her huddled next to him shivering against his flannel jacket.
Her hair smells of smoke and jasmine.
Her voice singing sweetly of a budding romance ignited by a floating ember.
He looks up and smiles as he hears her once again sing their song

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