A Poem for Brooklyn Rose


The fairest flower with bluest iris
Each petal soft with brightest bloom
She plays, she loves, she sings her song
The princess in her little room.

A rose grows in Brooklyn
A bridge was built to see her there
Her budding beauty can be seen
Inside and out, this one so fair.

Brooklyn Rose brings joy to all
The sweetest flower, pure delight
Her lifelong journey, just begun
No doubt will take her to greatest height.


A Poem for Kaiah


Tiny tsunami floods our place
A tidal wave with pixie face
She laughs, she sings, she tears up things
Twirling, swirling, little girling.

Kaiah is an ocean wave
Hawaiian waters don’t behave
Her dance, her prance, mischievous glance
Wraps me tight with little chance.

I love this girl who won my heart
I loved her from the very start
A gift from God with twinkle in eye
So cherished is she, no money can buy.


A Poem for My Grandson

Tom and Kaden copy

He’s growing much too fast for me
Just yesterday sat on my knee
Cherubic face with brightest eyes
His slobbery smile brought wistful sighs.

He’s older now, but still as sweet
Nicest young man you’ll ever meet
He cares for his friends and little sis
And he’s still okay with a grandma kiss

Kaden James is eleven-years-old
When he was born, God broke the mold
A sturdier tree was never made
He welcomes all to his gentle shade.