A Web of Hope

Advent 2012: Setting Captives Free

…from hopelessness to hope in Christ

Photo by Mike C Peck

“I give up!” Jim shouted, slamming the door behind him. As he collapsed behind the wheel of his rusted out hatchback, the hopeless reality of his situation began to overwhelm him in uncontrollable waves of sobbing. Out-of-control debt was leading him into bankruptcy, the porn into divorce court, and his rage was leading him to an early grave. It all seemed so hopeless.

He thought about driving to the liquor store, or better yet, driving right through it, crashing the giant plate glass window smugly advertising the happy couple drinking martinis in front of their Christmas tree. But, instead he drove past it. He also drove past the Walmart swarming with happy shoppers and the church full of happy worshipers.

After about an hour, his car pulled off the highway and onto the gravel road leading up to an old barn. He parked the car and turned off the ignition. The engine sputtered and knocked loudly, as if overacting a death scene. The unlatched barn door slammed open and shut in the winter wind, waving him inside. As he entered the dark barn, the familiar smell of hay and manure greeted him. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. As he ascended a wooden ladder into the hay loft, he felt a spider web cling to his face. He quickly wiped it away with his shirt sleeve and made his way over to the corner of the loft where he settled down on a stack of hay bales.

Why was he here? What made him come back to this barn? Why did he come here, instead of the farmhouse where his aging parents sat alone hypnotized by the television? As he contemplated these questions, a full moon peered through the loft door and he noticed a spider weaving a new web.

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.                                                      Psalm 42:11

Advent Application: Just as Jim was dealing with the hopelessness of his life, he had the opportunity to witness the determination and hope found in a spider starting anew, as opposed to giving up. Jesus came into our world to give us hope. Our world can seem dark and hopeless, but Christ offers us hope for a future, if we are willing to walk into it, one step at a time. What are you experiencing that seems hopeless? Can you, like the Psalmist, put your hope in your Savior, even while wrestling with a downcast soul? Can you, like the spider, have the determination to start anew? Write one sentence that describes how Christ might bring you hope in spite of your seemingly hopeless situation.


22 thoughts on “A Web of Hope

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  7. One symbol for HOPE is the Anchor….
    One acronym for HOPE is…..
    My faith and trust in GOD is my firm foundation for HOPE…
    I have been depressed many times during my lifetime.
    I have become emotionally upset…. I sometimes chose to get quiet/withdraw from most humans but not all humans in an attempt to take care of myself. I spend my time being STILL so I can listen to GOD for his guidance/
    I might decide to sleep longer hours to rest my mind, body and soul. I read and study GOD’S Word. I reach out to other Christians and ask them for their prayers and in recent years, I have asked those same humans for support. Some of them have been able to give me support in so many different ways and I am so grateful for their unconditional love/ and their maturity to be accepting and non-judgemental of me. There have been others who are either too busy/ on overload themselves or label me “emotionally unstable” and are not “able” to be available to me. I try to always remember…. “We Are All GOD’S Children”…he made each of us unique…he shows me how to be there for other people who are struggling with all types of life’s challenges and he gives me the ability to accept, forgive which includes forgetting, when are unkind to me. In regard to my own wrongdoings ….when I prayfully repent to him, he forgives me, he helps me to get back on track, and once again I move forward in my life, step by step, in a more positive manner. FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE….All three of these are a part of my Life….because….GOD gave all of them to me….I treasure each of them….on a daily basis….
    He also said that he would not give me “more” than what he and I together could withstand…..Thank you Lord for your “WORD” and all of your many “Promises” and your precious son, Jesus, whose birthday we will celebrate on Christmas…..
    Yes, HOPE, because of my faith and trust in GOD is a part of my daily life….I walk the walk that he asks of me and I then turn “all” over to him each day …..LJ

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