What Our Rescue Dog Taught Me About Worship

Sally and I recently adopted a rescue dog, a little ragamuffin Benji-mutt named Trixie. She’s the perfect dog for us; low energy, already house broken, virtually shed-less, and great with grandkids. We couldn’t be happier. And because she’s been such a great dog so far, we’ve gone against all our dog-expert family members’ advise and allowed her free reign of our home. I realize we may pay for this later, but that’s okay, if she messes up in the future at least we’ll have stories to tell our friends.

One of the things I swore I would never do, NEVER EVER, was to let our dog on the couch. But when Trixie walked over to me and looked up at me with those fur-covered peepers, how could I resist? I know, I know, I’m weak and totally useless as an Alpha dog. I’ll leave that up to Sally.

Most evenings, Trixie sits at my feet and lets me pet her. While I pet her, she’ll reach up and lick my hand. I’ll turn and look at her and she’ll look up at me as if to say, “Thanks, master, for rescuing me from the death chamber. Thanks for giving me shelter and food. I love you.” Then she’ll lick my hand again and I’ll reach down and kiss her on her wet nose. It’s all very mushy and a bit undignified.

Did you know the Greek word for worship is Proskuneo, which literally means, “As a dog licking his master’s hand?” That’s right, Trixie worships me. She’s just a dog, but she totally gets it. She understands that I’m her master and she depends on me for everything. She realizes that if it weren’t for me, she could end up on death row with no hope. That’s proskuneo, that’s worship.

Would you be willing to act in such an undignified manner as to lick your Master’s hand? What would proskuneo look like for you?

One thought on “What Our Rescue Dog Taught Me About Worship

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the post. I am a rescue, just like our dog Lucy. She was shot before we got her and was in recovery for 10 months. We rescued her, but often we feel she rescues us with her loyal ways. She loves us no matter what. That is beautiful expression of God in my life. Thanks for sharing your heart!

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