Finding the Write Meaning

“Sometimes an event occurs in our lives through which we catch a glimpse of what our lives are all about and maybe even what life itself is all about and this glimpse of what “it’s all about” involves not just the present but the past and future too. Inhabitants of time that we are, we stand on such occasions with one foot in eternity.”                                 Frederick Buechner
Writing for me is about stopping the clock and putting one foot in eternity. It allows me to look at life, as it attempts to whiz past unnoticed, and absorb the beauty and meaning in it. Everything I write is, in reality, a thank you note to God. I am taking the time and the opportunity to appreciate the gift of the mundane and random things of life, like the way my wife nibbles on an m&m one at a time, or how my granddaughter sucks her thumb with her fingers open instead of making a fist. Writing takes me on a walk towards gratitude and humility, two things I desperately need in my life.

We are all in search of the meaning in life and it’s only when I write that I am able to focus long enough to discover it.

One thought on “Finding the Write Meaning

  1. Thanks for this Tom. I get this. I rarely take the time to write anything but I can see the value of it through this thoughtful idea. I might even try it.

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