Responding to Tragedy

12 dead, 50 wounded, all shot in a movie theater. No, this isn’t somewhere in the Middle East, it’s here in America. Not that that should matter, but to be honest, I guess it does to me. I suppose I’ve found some way to emotionally disconnect myself from the tragedies that occur in places where I’ve never been. So when I hear the news stories about 12 dead or even 12-hundred dead in places like Syria, or Iran, I just divert my attention to something more pleasant like, say, a snack maybe, or a “King of Queens” rerun. Surely it’s on somewhere.

But this tragedy hits closer to home. Just two states over, in Aurora, Colorado. I’ve been there or at least I’ve driven through there on my way to somewhere else. The point is, this affects me more personally and therefore I’m more willing to connect emotionally and allow myself to even grieve a little.

I realize this makes me sound like a narcissistic jerk, but I’m just trying to process this honestly. And honestly, I am very narcissistic in how I live my life and view the world around me. It’s pretty much all about me. I know it’s not supposed to be, but it is. I have sought to change this in my life and I have made some pretty good strides in this area, but I suppose it will be a lifelong struggle for me.

Anyway, the point of this blog was not supposed to be all about me. (See how sneaky narcissism is). But I guess I’ll just go with it since I don’t want this to be a real long blog.

Tragedies like these tend to change our perspective on our current reality. They mess with our priorities. Thinking about the families of the dead and injured victims has stopped me from obsessing over my sore toe, at least for now. It’s caused me to think more about my family. I want to talk to them… to hug them.

Just before Sally left for work this morning, she remembered that she needed to deliver a message from someone at church who had a minor complaint. It bugged me and made me grunt under my breath. About an hour after she left, I realized I didn’t kiss her goodbye. Today, of all days, as our nation grieves over the senseless loss of life, this is the day to remember to cherish those we love.

I’m stopping here, because I need to head to Sally’s work and make things right.



One thought on “Responding to Tragedy

  1. Thanks for the surprise visit at work and the pizza and the snack cake cupcake! Maybe I should leave without a kiss more often?:) I love you!

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