Worship is Remembering

One of the things I love about being a parent of adult children is the opportunity to develop deep friendships with them. While they were home growing up and receiving loving discipline from us, friendship with our kids was not on the agenda. Experts told us that trying to be our child’s friend would create all kinds of chaos in the home and could cripple our children’s development into a healthy adults.
But now that our kids are living on their own, we are free to cultivate friendships with these young adults who have started to look and act more like us every time we see them. My favorite thing to do with our kids is to retell stories of their childhood. Nothing thrills my heart more than to hear my son or daughter tell a family story filled with enthusiasm, laughter and fondness.
Don’t you imagine that’s how God feels when we worship Him and we say things like, “I remember the story of how you saved us,” or “I remember the time when You promised to make all things new,” or “I remember the time when You healed me from my addiction and forgave me, even though I didn’t deserve it.” I think it makes our Father very happy to hear us tell His stories back to Him. And that’s what true worship is.