One Block Off

Last week we had the great joy of having our grandson with us for the entire week.  We did all sorts of cool things, like the zoo and Six Flags, etc.  One night we drove down into the city and located the old Crown Candy store.  It dates back to 1918.  It’s not in the best part of town but we thought it would be a great adventure with Kaden.  Plus we heard they served great food and dessert, as well as hand-made candy.  The place was pretty good and we had a fun time.  We let Kaden pick out some candy and of course he picked out the one item that was not hand-made: your typical run of the mill candy necklace.  Actually I think Sally talked him into it because it was way cheaper than the hand-made stuff.

After dinner we went riding around downtown St. Louis and showed Kaden the Arch, the old Courthouse and Busch stadium.  He was way more enthralled in his candy necklace than seeing the sites of our great city.  In spite of that, Sally and I continued on our siteseeing tour anyway.  We’d always wanted to see Tower Grove Park, so we decided to find it.

As you are probably well aware, we guys would rather give up a major body part than to ask for directions.  So we headed in the general direction of where I assumed Tower Grove park was.  Yes, we had a GPS and yes, we had Sally’s iPhone, but by golly, if a man can’t find a large city park in his own home town, he’s not worth shootin’.

While Kaden chomped away on his necklace, we travelled through many unchartered territories of our fair city and past many points of interest that we had never experienced before.  We even managed to find ourselves under the old Kingshighway Blvd. bridge down between I-44 and Southwest Ave.  I felt as if I’d stepped into the movie set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Finally we located Tower Grove park, just around dusk, so we had to hurry through.  When we came out the other end, we realized that we had only been about a block away from the park when we first set out to locate it.

Sally lovingly turned to me and said, “You know, you finally get us to our destination, but you’re usually just about a block off.”  I must admit she’s right.  I do finally get us to where we were headed, but I’m usually a block or two off from seeing the main attraction.  I suppose that’s what I get from not reading directions or asking for help.  I’d rather find my own way. 

I must admit I have often lived my Christian walk the same way.  I think I can figure it out without reading the Bible or praying for help.  I just keep heading in the general direction of where I assume I’m supposed to be going.  But instead, I find myself in some pretty out-of-the way places that are not very safe or beneficial for my survival.  Instead of being where God wants me, I end up about a block off from my true destination.