God’s Frequency


I have driven the 200-plus mile stretch of I-70 between St. Louis and Kansas City hundreds of times, maybe even thousands.  Since the day after my eighth birthday in 1966 when we moved from St. Louis to KC, I have become very familiar with all the rest stops and fast food joints between my two hometowns.  The very first time I ever ate at a McDonalds was June 1966 in Columbia, Missouri.

              One of the memories I have from all those trips was whenever we would get closer to St. Louis or Kansas City, we would start trying to tune into the big city radio stations.  Somewhere just east of Kingdom City, KMOX would start to “crackle” to life.  And just to the west of Boonville we would start to hear the static voices of KCMO am 710.  I remember my dad fiddling with the knob trying to get the right frequency.  As we got closer to our destination the station would gradually become clearer.

Recently as I have been in conversations with church members and others, I have found myself saying something like, “God is up to something.  I’m not sure what it is, but I know He’s moving.”  Well, of course God is up to something.  God is always at work.  He is always moving to transform us and lead us on mission for Him.  The problem is we aren’t always tuned in to the right frequency.  It’s like we are hanging out at the McDonalds in Columbia and can’t get the station on our radio!  But that doesn’t mean the radio station isn’t working, it’s just that we aren’t in the right place. 

Prayer is the tuning knob for hearing God’s voice.  It’s the way we begin to clear the static of our lives and get a clearer message from Him.  But we also must move closer to Him in order to hear and understand what He is wanting us to do and be.  Bible study and acts of obedience are how we move closer to God.  We can pray all we want, but if we aren’t moving closer to Him in Bible study and obedience, we will never be able to tune into all that God is doing.

I pray that as our church begins to hear the static sounds of “God on the move,” it will drive us to move even closer to Him by studying His word and obeying it, so we can discover God’s clear mission for us.  So will you pray with your staff each day that we tune into the frequency of God and begin to join Him in all that He is doing and wants to do in our church, community and world?