I “heart” NY

Just got back from a week long mission trip to New York City.  Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “mission trip my foot!”  It’s true, it is a mission trip and we work hard.  We also play hard and eat hard (how does one eat hard?)  We eat well!  Anyways, New York is unlike any other mission trip our church takes.  We go to New York, not with a bullhorn or a suitcase full of pamphlets, but instead we go with six big bags full of granola bars, gum and other various items.  We see these items as seeds for the gospel.  We pass them out on various street corners along with information about Mosaic Manhattan church.  If you are ever in NY, go to Mosaic.  They meet at P.S./I.S 89 at Chambers and West Highway.  Take the 1 to Chambers Street and head west for two blocks.  You can’t miss it. 

The church has re-launched after spending a year in the wilderness.  It has been quite a “journey” for them!  They have grown into a very loving, caring, organic church that is warm and welcoming to people from all walks of life.  Our team had the opportunity to serve one of their members, Leslie.  Leslie is legally blind and lives on the 25th floor of an apartment building overlooking downtown and Brooklyn.  We kept going on and on about the spectacular view she had, until we remembered that she was indeed blind and unable to enjoy the view.  Doh!  We had the privilege of cleaning her apartment.  We also spent an afternoon at World Vision Storehouse where we cleaned and organized the area where they allow local school teachers to come and pick up free supplies.  It was a great feeling to serve these wonderful people. 

Yesterday, I got an email from the pastor of Mosaic.  He wanted us to know that they had a woman visit their church on Sunday because she had received a free granola bar and information about the church!  So there we already get to see a seed beginning to germinate.  Yeh God!