What is God’s Love Language?

If you’ve been in “church world” very long, you are probably familiar with the term “Love Language.”  I believe Gary Chapman coined that term with his series of books on Marriage and Family.  The premise is that everyone has a love language, that form of communication that resonates with how he/she feels loved.  For example, my love language is physical touch and my wife’s love language is spending quality time together.  Other love languages include receiving gifts, acts of service and word’s of affirmation.  It’s pretty interesting stuff.  The main thing I got out of this concept is my tendency to try and show my love to Sally through my love language and not hers.  If I truly love and care for my wife, I will discover her love language and begin showing my love in the way that communicates best with her.  Make sense?

So, as a worship leader, I began thinking: if my worship to God is how I show my love to Him, then I want to discover God’s love language and communicate in that way.  As I searched scripture, I discovered that God’s love language doesn’t fall within the five listed above.  Sure He likes words of affirmation and acts of service, but the physical touch doesn’t quite translate.  But what I found in John 14:15 was God’s true love language, “If you love me, you will obey what I command.”  God’s love language is obedience! 

So how does that apply to worship?  If I worship God on Sunday with words of affirmation, but then disobey what He wants me to do the rest of the week, my worship was dishonest.  If I spend all week doing acts of service, but then disregard His commands to live a life of purity, my service is in vain.  Worship, true worship is a lifestyle of obedience.  Not obedience out of fear, but out of love.  I want to love God in a way that communicates His love language!  How about you?

Somebody Talk to Me!

How often do you check your email?  Once a day, twice a week?  I probably check mine once an hour.  I guess I’m an email junkie.  I love to get emails from friends and family.  I have a system to how I sort through my incoming emails.  I first go through and delete any junk mail that doesn’t interest me, then I may read through a junk mail that catches my interest, then I hit the emails that I subscribe to, such as Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox and the Generous Husband.  Then I read any work related emails.  Finally, I click on the one email that is obviously from a friend.  I read it, savoring every word.  I may even print a copy if it’s really meaningful.  I read it over and over again.

Now these personal emails are far and few between.  Most of us are too busy to spend too much time sending personal emails.  But it doesn’t keep me from checking every hour or so, just in case.  I LOVE PERSONAL MESSAGES.

Now here’s the thing.  There are days when I check and recheck, just waiting and wishing that someone would send me a nice personal message, but there’s nothing…nada…zip!  There may be a few junk emails and even some that want me to think they are personal, but I know they are not.  So I just sit there thinking “I wish I had someone who wanted to talk to me.”

Sitting next to my computer on my credenza is my Bible.  In it, God has a very personal message to me.  A long, love letter specifically to me.  It also tells  me all about His family and gives me personal information that I’ve been longing to hear.  And He also tells me about myself, the good things and the not-so-good things.  He’s very honest yet very loving to me.  It’s everything I’ve been looking for in a personal email, but so much more.  It’s life!

How many times have I moved my Bible out of the way, so I can get to the computer and check my emails again?

What’s up with that?!